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All About Tofu 'n' Veggies

  • Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant, O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA

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San Franciscans seem to care more about the environment and their health than those from other American cities. Toyota Priuses are everywhere, organic produce is the standard, and you'll hardly see anyone lighting a cigarette. That said, vegan and vegetarian restaurants have taken this city by storm to cater to these growing lifestyle preferences. We admit that although some vegan food is downright tasteless (especially if it ventures into gluten-free territory), some can be ridiculously good. Golden Era belongs to the latter camp.

Golden Era is popular with both die-hard vegan followers as well as curious food lovers for its take on pan-Asian cuisine sans meat and dairy. On paper the meat is placed in double quotation marks and on the plate it's replaced with tofu. You'll get "Beef" Szechuan, "Fish" Claypot, and an Ocean of Love - made guessed it..."Shrimp". Those who want to stay away from the imitation meat and avoid tasting what the real thing might taste like, feel free to opt for any of the loads of traditional vegetable dishes, too. You won't be disappointed.

Meeting point: At the restaurant's entrance.

Leaders, Golden Era is open Wed-Mon from 11am-9pm. It's closed on Tuesdays so organize a meal there accordingly!

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