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Chomp and Chew Through Chinatown

  • double dogs tea room Samphanthawong Bangkok Thailand,

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Being the leader is easy - all you have to do is show up on time, be the point of contact for other attendees, and have a genuine desire to explore!

Chinatowns are always special repositories for amazing eating experiences and Bangkok's is no different; in fact, it might be one of the best. Come sundown, the main artery of Yaowarat and its capillaries come alive with neon lights, street food vendors, and crowds of hungry Thais. Why such a craze? Join other Trabblrs on this self-guided food crawl to find out!

The first stop is Double Dogs Tea Room, an oasis of calm in bustling Chinatown. This makes a good entry point because it's quiet and small - the perfect recipe for meeting the rest of the Trabblr group. Whether you choose to stay and have a cup of Chinese tea is entirely up to you.

From Double Dogs, it's off to T&K Seafood, an institution where you'll be surrounded by waiters in green shirts serving fresh Thai style seafood to an omnipresent crowd. Don't be discouraged if you can't find a table in the popular outside area - chances are you'll find one in the air conditioned sections inside. Feel free to employ laissez-faire in your ordering style - you can't go wrong here though the grilled prawns, oyster omelette, lemon steamed fish, and the glass noodle claypot crab receive consistently rave reviews.

If you still have space then it's time to hit up Kuay Jab Nai Huan on the corner of Yaowarat and nearby Yaowa Phanit. The specialty here is a dish called Kuay Jab, a pepper soup with glass noodles and crisp pork belly. It's busy seven days a week so like all good things in life, be prepared to wait.

Meeting point: Double Dogs Tea Room on Yaowarat Road.

Leaders, we suggest starting this event in the evening, at say 7:00pm. Most of the street food stalls are nocturnal.

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