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Day Trip to Toledo

  • Toledo, Spain

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Lying just 70km south of the capital is the walled city and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Toledo. Full of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim monuments and sights, Toledo is very much a living museum that warrants at least a day of your time in Spain. All you need is a pair of sturdy shoes and a desire to get lost in a labyrinth of cobblestone streets and plazas - pretty low requirements for such an incredible (and cheap) experience!

When you first enter Toledo's gates you'll immediately wonder how a 30-minute train ride successfully transported you to another century. Stone has replaced glass and cement and cars have given way to good ol' legs. The fact that three religions once flourished here means that Trabblrs will find myriads of architecture and culture at every turn. Humble mosques stand resolutely in the shadow of Gothic cathedrals, which in turn neighbor restored synagogues. Highlights include the Alcazar, an imposing fortress that is now a military museum that was recently renovated, the Cathedral de Toledo, and the Museo del Greco. But visiting these is just scratching the surface - to discover what lies beneath you'll have to put your map away.

Walking around can be tiring, so when you need an energy boost, dig into Toledo's specialty of quail ("cordoniz") and partridge ("perdiz") dishes.

Meeting point: It's a good idea for Trabblrs to meet at Atocha Station and make the trip together. Meet by the luggage sculpture beneath the moving walkways at the entrance to the station's garden.

Leaders, trains run about every hour. Please check the departure times before setting the time for the event!

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