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A Night in Malasaña

  • Café Malabar, Madrid, Spain

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Madrid's center might be in Sol but its soul is in vibrant Malasaña. This barrio near the gay area of Chueca was the birthplace of La Movida Madrilena, a youth-led counterculture movement that occurred in the '70s that lifted Spain out of the dark ages. While Malasaña has today become home to trend-setting boutiques, cutting-edge design houses, and cultural enclaves, it is also still deeply soaked in its hedonistic past. Bars are open until late (or rather early morning) and belt out everything from classic rock to indie electro. We think that a night in Malasaña will not only give Trabblrs some perspective on la movida, but also a night to remember! Here's a map with the spots listed below:

With tons of bars on small streets, Malasaña is perfect for a bar crawl. The first stop and meeting point is Cafe Malabar, a circus themed bar that's conducive for meeting the rest of the Trabblr group. Here you can line your stomach for cheap by ordering €1.50 pulgas, bite-sized sandwiches. If you're still hungry then head up to the 14-year-old local favorite Nanai Restaurante for reasonably priced modern European fare.

After Nanai, it's time kick it up a notch and head to Maderfaker, a cool-as-ice bar that plays jazz, funk, and other '70s dance floor rhythms. The walls are covered with original posters of Blaxploitation films.

From Maderfaker, it's time to imbibe at a local institution named La Via Lactea or The Milky Way, a relic of la movida. This bi-level space gets packed with fun, hip locals who want to jam to rock music. Think The Beatles, The Pixies, and The White Stripes. This place has some of the most eclectic music in the city and gets increasingly fun with the night. Head upstairs if the downstairs gets too packed - it's much more chill.

From then on, it's entirely up to you! Wander the streets, follow the crowds, listen for music. Chances are the night is just beginning!

Meeting point: Outside Cafe Malabar. The closest Metro stop is Tribunal on the Blue / 1 and 10 Lines.

Leaders, in typical Madrid fashion, bars get packed by 1 or 2am. We suggest starting early, say at 9pm so that the group can meet easily.

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