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A South Indian Breakfast Crawl

  • Cafe Madras, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • 25th Jan 8:00am to 10:00am
  • Trust Fee: Rs. 50
  • Closed

Event Closed

What’s so great about this venue or activity? Is it unique to this city?
It's been a while since we had a Trabblr food crawl and I think it's about time we had one! Given the awesome weather that we've been having, I thought a breakfast crawl through Matunga would be a fun way to take advantage of the crisp mornings. I can think of few things better than starting a weekend early with some filter kaapi and fresh idlis. Who's in?!

Should people prepare for the event in any way?
Just bring your appetites and a personal list of places that you've been meaning to try. There's loads of restaurants in the area that warrant our visit! There's no set "tour". Bring your cameras in case you want to shoot your food or serene Matunga scenes.

Will attendees have to pay-on-arrival to participate at the event? If so, around how much?
Trabblr asks for a Rs. 50 Trust Fee so that only serious people sign up. That said, since you're hanging with a co-founder, we'll use the proceeds to start a communal pot. OK, that came out wrong.

Any other details to excite Trabblr members to join you for the event?
Cool mornings, awesome food, and amazing company. And you'll feel accomplished and full come 10am when all your friends are just waking up!

Meeting Point: Outside Cafe Madras

Other: I sport a beard and usually a black t-shirt

Payment Type & Details


    • Hersh K.
    • Srikanth R.
    • Priyanka M.
    • Manoj C.
    • Karan B.
    • Rishabh D.
    • Deepika A.
    • Shailesh P.
    • Diksha B.
    • Vishal G.
    • Jaideep S.

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  • Uploaded by Hersh K.
  • Uploaded by Hersh K.
  • Uploaded by Hersh K.
  • Uploaded by Hersh K.
  • Uploaded by Hersh K.

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