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Cue Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust". Sorry, too soon?

The recent shuttering of 100-year-old B. Merwan & Co. has been a wake-up call of sorts for Mumbai - denizens across the city are now realizing just how endangered the Irani cafe is. Even if these cafes flew under the radar up until April 15, 2014, they're now very much in the crosshairs.

Once the lifeblood of Mumbai, these cafes are struggling to survive today. In a world where soy milk cafe lattes and free wi-fi outmuscle the pleasures of full-fat milky chai and old world charm, there's no doubt that the Irani cafe's days are numbered. Their refusal to adapt or embrace modernity may have cost them their very existence - it's natural selection, after all - but they seem content to be going down with their heads held high.

That said, there's no denying that a piece of Mumbai's soul dies with every closure. And that's why Trabblr and Homegrown want to take you on a crawl to experience these institutions. We'll visit at least three venues near Marine Lines and Fort and gorge on apple pie, all things mutton and pattices, puffs, and pudding.

While we're no experts in history and evolution, Homegrown recently wrote about some of Mumbai's most iconic Irani cafes. We urge you to read it!

We're asking people to pay Rs. 100 to book their spot, which we'll put into a communal pot.

We look forward to you joining us as we go back in time!

Meeting point: We'll email attendees the meeting spot closer to date.

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    • Pundit C.
    • Mayank K.
    • Affan M.
    • Akshay G.
    • Ria K.
    • Miheeka B.
    • Devyani D.
    • Gautam S.
    • Aaditya L.
    • Krishnaa A.
    • Zerxes W.
    • Namrata R.
    • Ritika S.
    • Mirang M.
    • Mitesh T.
    • Durgesh N.
    • Deepak G.
    • Divya R.
    • Divya S.
    • Stuart P.
    • Shormistha M.
    • Nikhil J.
    • Priyanka M.
    • Sharnita N.

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