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Munch in a Bunch at Mahim Khau Galli

  • Sneha Restaurant, L.J. Rd, Mahim

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Visitors to Mumbai (and locals for that matter) rarely explore Mahim. Nestled between the polar magnets of Bandra and "Town", Mahim is often regarded as a no man's land that one simply drives through to reach someplace more trendy. And that's a shame because Mahim has lots to offer, especially some incredible places to eat for the intrepid traveler.

Here is a simple and straightforward food crawl to help you get acquainted with this food lover paradise:

1. Congregate at Sneha Restaurant to sample flaky parathas, chicken roast, and prawn masala from the southern Indian state of Kerala.
2. Head next door to Kakori House for a plate of galawati kebabs, melt-in-your-mouth morsels of mutton grilled to perfection.
3. Continue on up the main road until you reach Midland Restaurant and make a left. Here you will see a variety of food carts selling numerous quick eats, including harissa (a meat porridge), shawarmas, grilled meats, and tangy dahi vadas. Be adventurous and try at least a bite of everything!

Meeting point: Sneha Restaurant. To get there by taxi, tell the driver to take you to Paradise Cinema in Mahim. Sneha is bang opposite.

Leaders, this is more of a dinner plan since the food stalls don't start serving until about 8pm.

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