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Shared drive on Marine Drive at Mumbai

  • Marine Drive, Marine Drive Jogging Track
  • 4th Dec 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Trust Fee: Rs. 50
  • Closed

Event Closed

What’s so great about this venue or activity? Is it unique to this city?
Marine Drive is amazing. Usually these were horse baggi which government has banned. So now some travel lovers like us organize a walk at marine drive and its amazing.

How did you learn about this venue or activity, and have you tried it before?
I have tried it million times. Its just a walk with strangers at amazing Marine drive.

Should people prepare for the event in any way?
One must have sport shoes and can walk like 5 kms.

Will attendees have to pay-on-arrival to participate at the event? If so, around how much?
No its free. But you need to be a local and must have an ID proof which you need to mail us 2 days prior to event.

Plus you just need to subscribe at by blog to confirm invitation. My site is . Just click and open it.

Meeting Point: Gateway of India

Transport: Park at Colba and reach GOI by foot

Other: You will get my photo via mail

Payment Type & Details

Event Wall

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