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Pune Art Surprise: Hidden treasures of Pune - Pottery Day Out with Curators of Clay, Copper and Bamboo Art Tour , Natural Farmstays

  • Pune,
  • 17th Oct 6:30am to 8:00pm
  • Trust Fee: Rs. 50
  • Closed

Event Closed

What’s so great about this venue or activity? Is it unique to this city?
The city has a variety of craft and cultural treasure houses. Some of the art form like makes wares from copper goes back to 300 years! Come, meet the coppersmiths who have preserved this art form over generations. Each of the handcrafted wares and artefacts reflect the dexterity of these artisans. Learn how they focus on quality and finesse in a unique way.

Now, you can encourage these artisans to keep up the good work, learn a trick or two of this traditional art and leave with a smile.

What’s more? We also have a Pottery Day Out planned for you in a beautiful, open studio, where you can make your clay wares on the famous ‘Potter’s Wheel’. Pune’s Curators of Clay have opened up their studio and will teach you techniques like:

- Coiling
- Pinching
- Slab-work

How did you learn about this venue or activity, and have you tried it before?
Yes..I have tried before. Learnt about this on a trip to Pune.

Should people prepare for the event in any way?
Not really. Just sign up and everything else will be taken care of -- food, stay and workshops

Will attendees have to pay-on-arrival to participate at the event? If so, around how much?
Preferably before arrival. It's Rs 4,300 including travel, stay, food and workshop cahrges

Any other details to excite Trabblr members to join you for the event?
It's a unique way to unwind with art. Their participation will support the coppersmiths community. Lastly, members will get a chance to try the potter's wheel and learn some unique art forms

Meeting Point: Andheri or Bandra

Transport: Tavera or Innova

Payment Type & Details

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