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Port Blair, India Guide by Deep J. Status: Visited here (15 Feb, 2013 - 21 Mar, 2013)

What are some of your favorite memories of Port Blair?
Most of my memories are underwater over there. The Marine life is just amazing. Its so Relaxing. A school of barracudas underwater was completely hypnotic. Also watching Sea turtles and Manta Rays was amazing.

How would you spend 36 hours in Port Blair?
I would go the hotel , and go straight to the dive centre , and spend my entire time diving , It is up to you where you want to stay , havelock has some nice resorts or you can stay in portblair which is more accessible . Being in port blair allows you to check out more islands , Have Lock is also really nice and is right on the beach , so its your call. Neil Islands are also really pretty and worth exploring. In port blair , the prison is a really humbling experience , It makes you remember the freedom struggle and what they had to suffer. Hotel Fortune is a cool place to check out the 20 rs note image. You can see the exact spot where the image was taken on the 20 rs note. Even if you are not interested in scuba diving I would highly recommend snorkelling.

What kind of practical information should first-time visitors know about Port Blair?
The islands are pretty remote with very few restaurants , the most touristic place is havelock , the main mode of transport from island to another is through ferry's and private boats , cell phones work in most places but internet is not available everywhere. The islands have developed a lot but the food is very different from the main land. The coconuts are taste a little acidic . If you are not into diving then i suggest havelock is the best place for you. There are lots of mosquitoes so please carry extra repellents .

What are some precautions that people should take while exploring Port Blair?
There is no scam as such , Its a small island where everyone knows each other , therefore crime is very low. It gets dark really really early and there is virtually no night life so question of being out at night does not arise.

Any other indispensable pieces of advice to share?
Extra repellents. Please do not forget.

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  • Havelock Island, South Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Really Amazing Islands , the beach although commercial is just insanely pretty. The water is so clean and visibility is great.

  • Chidiya Tapu, South Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Some of the best underwater experiences in my life , The dive institute laca dives run by some great people and once you are on the boat it just blows you away. It is for sure the best beach destination in India.

  • Cinque Islands, South Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Another great dive spot with palaeolithic rock formations and manta rays underwater.


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  • Uploaded by Deep J.

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