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  • Last updated:
  • 17th July, 2013
Hersh Kumbhani, Co-founder
Hersh Kumbhani

After earning his degree from Cornell University, Hersh worked as an investment banker for nearly four years before choosing to leave his New York cubicle to travel the world. While backpacking in Macedonia he was inspired to build a new platform that helped people explore the world around them in a more social and immersive way. Hersh is also a freelance photographer who has contributed to various corporate social responsibility projects and travel publications, including Conde Nast Traveller India and CNNGo.

Ashish Mehra, Co-founder
Ashish Mehra

If it wasn't for Ashish, Trabblr would still only exist in the form of doodles and scribbles on napkins and notebook paper. An award-winning postgraduate from King’s College London, Ashish is a software engineer with a passion for lucid code and elegant design. Immersed in the creative energy of London’s Silicon Roundabout, he previously co-founded the successful start-up and brings a robust and dedicated entrepreneurial spirit to Trabblr. Along with road trips that take him off the beaten path, Ashish enjoys playing the guitar, peering through his telescope and capturing those special moments with his DSLR.

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